What a lovely day spent with our

#IMMBabes: Lovisa, Anouk, Chynna,

Persia, Valentina & Tosin.

We believe the importance of self confidence in today's society and even more so in modelling is essential. We hope through this mini campaign, to encourage ou...


How does it all work?

The day consists of 6 photographers and 6 models, all working in rotation for 30 minutes at a time.

If you are a photographer, you will leave the day with 6 different shoots with 6 different models. And vice versa if you are applying as a model. You...


Spare Space E3 opened its doors to the public a bit more than a year ago. Having an amazing year behind us, we decided the space needs a revamp. Learning from all the great creatives we met alongside our journey running the studio we added extra mezzanine levels, chang...


At SpareSpaceE3 we are obsessed with our indoor jungle. Plants are not just beautiful but they produce oxygen and keep the air fresh. 

We have grown to become plant experts, with over 60 plants and now we are on a mission to grow our own produce of salads, mint, chilli...


A Stage for Any Body

To celebrate our new features and services as a photography and set design studio, the team behind Spare Space created a pavilion from up-cycled set design materials. 

The pavilion serves as a host to immersive performances, showcasing local artists'...


Building of Spare Space E3

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